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About Bhutan

BhutanThe Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan lies along the lofty ridges of the eastern Himalayas, bordered by China (Tibet) to the north and northwest, and by the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal and Sikkim on the east, south and west respectively.
With an area of 46,500 sq.km, Bhutan is comparable to Switzerland both in its size and topography. The mighty Himalayas protected Bhutan from the rest of the world and left it blissfully untouched through the centuries. The Drukpa Kagyupa School of Mahayana Buddhism provided the essence of a rich culture and fascinating history. The Bhutanese people protected this sacred heritage and unique identity for centuries by choosing to remain shrouded in a jealously guarded isolation. One of the most striking physical features of Bhutan is its architecture. The characteristics style and color of every building and house in the kingdom is a distinct source of aesthetic pleasure. The dzongs- themselves imposing 17th century structures built on a grand scale without the help of any drawing and constructed entirely without nails are outstanding example of the best in Bhutanese architecture. Patterns of rich colors adorn walls, beams, pillars and doors in traditional splendor.

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