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Bhumchu Tour

Bumchu is another event that forms a part of the major festivals in Sikkim. The etymology of Bumchu dissects in two words, where one is Bum meaning ‘pot or vase’ and the second ‘chu’ means ‘water’.

The literal meaning of Bumchu is a “sacred pot”. Bumchu is a Buddhist festival that is celebrated at Tashiding Monastery in Sikkim , India . Initiated in 1700 AD, Bumchu falls on the 15th day of first Tibetan calendar year (January-February). A sacred pot, Bumchu contains holy water which is blessed by Ngadak Sempa Chenpo after he said the Mane Mantra five billion times. The amount of water in the Bumchu is said to predict the fate of Sikkim for the whole year. If it is seen that the Bumchu is full to the brim it signifies that the year will be a year of revolutions and turmoil. On the other hand if the level of the water is low then the year will be affected by ailments and diseases. However if the Bumchu is half full, then the year will be a prosperous one. It is seen over ages that the holy water has not dried up or has got spoiled in more than 300 years. It still smells fresh. Bumchu Festival attracts thousand of devotees from Nepal , Bhutan , Darjeeling and other neighboring places. It is celebrated at the Tashiding Monastery. During the Bumchu Festival, lamas of the monastery open the Bumchu for the public display which is otherwise locked. Some of the holy water is distributed to the devotees after which the Bumchu is again sealed to be opened next year.

  • Day 01 : Pickup from airport, transfer to hotel in Gangtok. 4-5 hrs from the Railway station or the airport.
  • Day 02 : Gangtok sightseeing, tour to Rumtek monastery and Research institute of Tibetology/ Rumtek Monastery (Dharma Chakra Centre)/ Handicraft Institute/ Enchey monastery/ Zumrang Lingdum Monastery
  • Day 03 : Gangtok – Pemayangtse. 5 hrs drive from the Gangtok. Its in West Sikkim . On the way one can visit the Tibetan Refugee Camp at Rabongla and Bon Monastery the only in Sikkim .
  • Day 04 : Pemayangtse – Tashiding (arrive Tashiding for the Bhumchu ceremony before midnight . Bumchu, the festival of the Holy Water.
  • Day 05 : Pemayangtse – Khechopalri Lake (wishing Lake ), attendance of prayers.
  • Day 06 : Pemayangtse sightseeing. Short walk to Rabdentse Palace ruins (second oldest place of the King of Sikkim),Sangachoeling monastery, the second oldest monastery of Sikkim/Yuksom, the first capital of Sikkim .
  • Day 07 : Drop to airport
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